Please contact Dan to arrange a massage at the yellow door clinic, East Bergholt.

dano@herbaculture.co.uk     077 177 933 47

Swedish Massage is the original massage. Expect a full body, firm and relaxing experience. You lie on a comfy massage table and have the knots rubbed out. I can be gentle and or as many people enjoy, a deeper massage. That's why I ask you how it feels. The massage lasts an hour and includes head, feet and body. I take a case history, check with you what you want and can adapt the massage to suit your needs.

Massage is useful for stress, keeping healthy and general wellbeing...it's really lovely and you will feel good about looking after yourself. 

Massage: £60 in Ipswich or Norwich.


£50 at The Yellow Door in East Bergholt                                                       (multiple booking discount available here 3 massages for £120)

Massages in Clinics need to take place within the hour and booking may require checking online for an available slot. From The Yellow Door in East Bergholt we can be more relaxed and appointments available any time that suits us both.  Due to time constraints in clinics please be on time and to save time on the initial massage if can help to come prepared with your MEMBERSHIP form. Print off or handwrite answers. 


A benefit of this is times can be more flexible and often a couple will have massages one after the other. I charge travel expenses (due to moving of my table, petrol costs and time of 45p / mile). 

£50 massage, £80 couple. 

I ask that you provide 2 large towels and 2 small towels for home visits.