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What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal Medicine is the oldest and still most widely used system of medicine in the world today. Treatment is centred on the care of each patient as an individual. The medicines are made exclusively from plants. 

Used appropriately, plants are powerful medicines capable of addressing the perceived causes of illness and supporting the maintenance, restoration or management of health. 

In the developed world people are living longer, but increasingly we are also living with long-term health problems. We face healthcare challenges relating to our daily life such as stress, dietary choices, and sedentary lifestyles. Herbal medicine can bring us back to health in a gentle and well tolerated way that provides long-term relief from both physical and mental disorders. Not all of our health problems are chronic; herbal medicine can also help with short-lived and self limiting illnesses and infections. 

Is Herbal Medicine Right for You?

People of all ages can find benefit from herbal medicine. Every day patients consult medical herbalists with the same health concerns they present to their doctors. These include digestive and circulation problems; skin complaints; sleep, stress and emotional issues; hormonal imbalances; musculo-skeletal aches and pains; respiratory conditions and many more including staying well. 

If you are already taking medicines prescribed from your doctor, your herbal prescription will be made up so as not to interact adversely with other medications. If appropriate, and with your consent, GPs or consultants will be kept fully informed of your treatment. 

Philosophy of Practice

Dan Wheals is a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). NIMH was founded in 1864 and members undergo extensive training in medical sciences (4 year degree at Napier University), complete 500 hours of supervised clinical practice. NIMH Practitioners are insured, governed by a strict code of ethics and take part in professional development. Herbal Medicine is informed by evidence of thousands of years of clinical observation and is increasingly confirmed by modern research. 

NIMH medical herbalists take a holistic view of health. Our aim is to prevent disease and restore health. Patients are seen as a person, not labelled as a disease and I try to treat the underlying cause of your health problems. By acknowledging the body's innate ability to correct imbalances and heal itself; I aim to assist this by prescribing and dispensing plant medicines in a safe and effective manner together with advice to help you restore and maintain better health. 

What to Expect in a Consultation

When you see me in a consultation I fit your treatment and healthcare to your needs. The first visit usually lasts an hour. An in-depth discussion about you, your health issues and everything affecting them, past and present.  I call this your health story and though you remain clothed, there may be some physical examinations needed. As every patient is unique, a prescription will be created specifically for you which could include teas, tinctures, creams and supplements. This will be sent to you or left at the clinic for you to pick up. I can take payments by card or cash in the clinic. Or you can pay via bank transfer or at www.herbaculture.org.  I find that patients want some certainty about how much it will all cost. I created a fixed fee of £100 for the initial 1 hour consultation, whatever medicines are needed and the follow up half hour. 

Follow up consultations are shorter (30 mins) and are typically 2-4 weeks apart. These appointments allow for any necessary adjustments to your prescription to ensure it goes on being effective for you. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered via phone or email and paid for online.

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